Honey with Kiwifruit


Kiwi fruits are highly nutritious and contain an excellent source of Vitamin C. We’ve combined the highest quality New Zealand honey with natural Kiwi extract to create Soulful Honey with Kiwifruit. With a pleasantly sweet and tangy flavour, it makes a delicious addition to your tea for a warming and soothing drink.



  • Made from 100% Pure New Zealand honey
  • Premium quality – sourced from Clover leaf
  • With all natural ingredients
  • Infused with natural Kiwi fruit extract
  • Kiwi fruit – rich in natural Vitamin C
  • Sweet and tangy flavour
  • Natural source of energy

New Zealand Honey (97%)
Kiwifruit Powder (1%)
Malic Acid
Ascorbic Acid
Kiwifruit Flavour (0.4%)

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