Honey with Cranberry


Cranberries are known as a powerful superfood, high in natural antioxidants. We’ve combined the highest quality New Zealand honey with natural Cranberry extract to create Soulful Honey with Cranberry. With a pleasantly sweet and mild tart berry flavour, it makes a delicious instant fruit tea. Soulful Honey with Cranberry can be added to your favourite recipes and smoothies or spread over toast, fruit bread or pancakes.



  • Made from 100% Pure New Zealand honey
  • Infused with natural Cranberry extract
  • Cranberries – rich in antioxidants
  • Sweet and mild tart berry flavour
  • Natural source of energy
  • Contains all natural colours and flavours

New Zealand Honey (98%)

Cranberry Powder

Beetroot Powder

Tartaric Acid

Ascorbic Acid

Cranberry Flavour



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