Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is Soulful milk powder made?

A. Soulful milk powders are Australian owned and made and packed in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

Q. Where is the milk powder sourced from?

A. Soulful milk powders contain 100% Australian milk.

Q. When opening the milk powder, I notice there are some white dots in the formula – what are these?

A. You may notice white dots present in the formula –this is completely natural and nothing to raise concern. These white dots are simply ingredients from the vanilla flavour, zinc gluconate and B group vitamins. Although these ingredients are in the form of white powder, some of the granules will pass through during production due to their small size and therefore may be seen in the final product.

Q. Why do the milk powders have a strong and sweet aroma?

A. Our Soulful Milk Powders have been scientifically formulated using all natural ingredients with natural sweeteners and flavours. We have sourced the highest quality vanilla to flavour our milk powders, adding a delicious and creamy vanilla flavour. The advantage of using natural ingredients enhances the vanilla flavour and aroma, which may be quite strong and sweet smelling to some.

Q. What is Soulful milk powder sweetened with?

A. Our range of Soulful Milk powder is naturally sweetened with Stevia extract. Stevia is an all-natural sweetener, derived from the Stevia plant – Stevia rebaudiana, a safe and healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners.

Q. When mixing in water, I notice there are some different coloured specs – what are these?

A. You may notice a variance in colours from time to time, these are completely normal with enriched milk powders, as the formulation contains various coloured vitamins and minerals. These ingredients, although present at low % – when mixed together in dairy or water (particularly hot water) become activated and result in very fine coloured specs, which is more noticeable in neutral coloured products.

Q. Is milk powder safe for my child?

A. Yes – our range of Soulful milk powders contains a combination of both skim and full cream milk powders, available in Pregnancy, Student and Adult 50+ formula varieties. We use natural and safe ingredients, suitable for everyone.

Soulful Pregnancy formula is scientifically formulated to support the nutritional needs of both mothers and baby during all stages of pregnancy, whilst Soulful Student formula is designed for the healthy growth and development for children 3+ years.

Q. Where are Soulful dried fruits sourced from?

A. Soulful dried fruits have been carefully selected, naturally dried and sourced from the highest quality crops.

Cranberries – North America

Blueberries – North America

Mangoes – Thailand

Q. Is there added sugar in Soulful dried fruits?

A. Yes, sugar has been added to the dried fruits to balance out the natural tart and sour flavours of the fruits.

Q. I notice the tartness/sweetness changes from batch to batch. Why is this?

A. As this is a natural product and grown in a natural environment, you may notice a difference in taste in some of the fruits due to the change of conditions of the crops. This is completely normal and does not affect the quality of the finished product, in fact it highlights that our dried fruits are all natural with no artificial colours and flavours.

Q. Where can I purchase the Soulful product range?

A. Soulful range is available in pharmacy, grocery, gift/souvenir and health stores across Australia and New Zealand. View our list of stockist here.

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